LAP-UM7VR-7' Heavy Duty Umbrellas | with Case

LAP-UM7VR-7' Heavy Duty Umbrellas | with Case


  • $105.70

These industrial umbrellas are ideal for welding, construction sites, and line work. Outdoor work can be much more cool, comfortable, and safe in the shade of a LAPCO umbrella.


Black, powder-coated aluminum frame.

Reinforced seams sewn with binding.

Features tilt function.

Case included.

Tripod stand available separately.

Available in blue red and yellow heavy-duty vinyl, and camouflage canvas options.

Extension pole included.

Umbrella with extension pole attached - 92" long.



Blue: 18 oz. Heavy-Duty Vinyl

Red: 18 oz. Heavy-Duty Vinyl

Yellow: 18 oz. Heavy-Duty Vinyl

Camo: 15 oz. Heavy-Duty Acrylic Coated Canvas

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