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ATK BORDO - 10" Steel-Toe Work Boot

Regular price $99.00


Comfortable work boots made for tough duties.



  • THE EXCLUSIVE COMPONENTS OF TRACTOR SOLE YEILD HIGH PERFORMANCE- The special design of the tractor sole is made to withstand the toughest duties. Absorbs the impulses and shocks of machinery and other sources

  • AIR FLOW REMOVABLE INSOLE- Have stinky feet? No worries! Our removable insoles will do just fine in the washing machine and come out looking and smelling fresh. The design also allows for some air flow.

  • RUBBER PROTECTOR IS TOUGH AND STURDY- Wrapped around the heel and toe, the protector acts as a buffer between the leather and any rough surfaces you might scrape against. You won’t have to worry about kneeling down or bumping rugged terrain again because the protector has got you covered. The rubber protector may double or even triple your boot’s life by preserving the leather.

  • The TOUGH RUBBER SOLE makes it ideal for work that includes but is not limited to indoor and outdoor construction work. The LIGHTWEIGHT maximizes performance. Although water resistant, these boots are NOT waterproof

  • Oil, Gas, and Acid Resistant; Goodyear Welt Construction. The external part of the shoe is made up of 100% GENUINE LEATHER.

  • D-Width Medium
  • STEEL-TOE- Protection to keep your toes safe from the risk of heavy falling objects. ANSI Requirements met.